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Born from the desire to facilitate creative ideas, Rengo Studio was founded to aid other's dreams. We are a group of individuals who realized that the world is filled with people with amazing talent but no opportunity to showcase it.


Paradise Update #24

Hello everyone! This is Yoshio, the Studio Chief here at Rengo Studio and the Producer for our current film project Paradise.

First off, I apologize for the recent silence from our side. We are undergoing a lot of changes to improve our processes and we’re excited to showcase what we’ve got going on and what we have planned for 2019!

So now I’ll get right down to the more fun stuff - Paradise. We are going to be releasing the first trailer for Paradise soon but in the mean time I’ll share some key frame shots (seen here) that we have been working on! We are also revamping our animation team to speed up the animation process. To do so we are going to rely once again on our wonderful fans to aid us in the endeavor.

Finally, as our Twitter account mentioned earlier this year, we are going to be producing a smaller additional project that will be released before Paradise. This additional project will be a music video with a separate crew handpicked based on the chosen song!

That’s all from our end, thank you for your continued support!