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Born from the desire to facilitate creative ideas, Rengo Studio was founded to aid other's dreams. We are a group of individuals who realized that the world is filled with people with amazing talent but no opportunity to showcase it.


Paradise Update #19

Hello Everyone!

Tis the season! This time last year were prepping to begin the Kickstarter phase, it was very scary. This year we vow to not procrastinate holiday shopping.....hopefully.

If you haven't seen so already, we have created our official twitter account (@RengoStudio)! There's constant tweets from the studio so it's a great place to keep up to date in between these formal updates!

We have added another team member to our staff! Please welcome Nicolas Araujo to the team as our newest BG artist who will be working alongside Max and Amanda!

Anyway, this update we filmed a video segment for your viewing pleasure! Please check it out below. It provides an update on where we at in animation and a spotlight on one of our team members!

Additionally, here's a little peek of how the world of reality is fleshing out to be in Paradise!

Living Room_ Marcus House(1) V07.jpg

If you've stuck with us this far, I'm happy to announce we will be beginning our search for voice actors within the next week! Please stay tuned on our twitter for more information!