Rengo Studio

Born from the desire to facilitate creative ideas, Rengo Studio was founded to aid other's dreams. We are a group of individuals who realized that the world is filled with people with amazing talent but no opportunity to showcase it.


Project #1 Update

Eyy time for our first official project update! You may have seen our queries for writers the last month for this upcoming project, and you may have seen us also get downvoted to hell by the understandably cautious reddit community haha. Regardless, we got a ton of story submissions and we're just about wrapped up with the story selection process for this project! The story and writer will be selected by the end of this month and the animation process will officially begin! So if you submitted a story keep an eye on your inbox, if we select your story but don't hear back from you we'll move on to the runnerups. At the time of selection another update will be posted on who was selected and the project title! 

Make sure to keep a lookout for our search for artists and animators! Depending on your skills you may be an animator for this exciting experience!

Shout-out to Niatic PR for being as silent as my ex-girlfriend!