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Paradise Update #3

Hello hello hello! I’m very excited (and amped on caffeine) to provide this update! We have been hard at working finding the right character designer as well as completing the short story-to-script conversion.

I would like to announce that Jiayue Wu has joined the staff as the Key Character Designer! After a lot of deliberation (and skype calls) we determined Jiayue’s beautiful art style and skills were perfect for Paradise. Jiayue’s coloring style exemplifies the dreamy state of bliss that the VR encompasses. We’re eager to see how she also shows the grim palate of reality! Located in New Zealand, we continue to grow the production staff of this project around the world!

Jiayue is an 18 year old student living in New Zealand. Here’s some of her works!

We can’t wait for our next update, as it will have the character designs! We’re extremely happy to have Jiayue on the team and thankful for her helping us bring these characters to life. Make sure to follow her on her social media to see her other works (Instagram, DeviantArt, Artstation, Tumblr)! And as always, if you would like to bring your skills to Coalition Animation Studios, drop us an email!

PS. Send coffee/tea.